Together for integrated sustainable development for Communities in Upper Egypt.

Assiut Childhood and Development Association (ACDA) is a non-governmental organization registered at the Ministry of Social Solidarity with No.451\1991.

 ACDA is a pioneer Non-governmental Organization (NGO) at the disability sector, as it has started its work through providing services for the children with special needs in Upper Egypt. ACDA was founded by Prof. Galal El-din Zaki Saeid.

Programs & Projects

ًًWomen- empowerment

ACDA believes that Education is the first step in community development. So it started working in Education sector since 1995

Child protection

ACDA contributes to improving the status of women,support women’s rights, backing abused girls and women and prevent harmful practices they face.

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ACDA gives great attention to children at risk; children with special needs, dropouts from education, labored children, and street children, for protecting them from dangers that may be exposed to.

برامج اقتصادية

ACDA realizes the importance of Human resources, so since the beginning, it works on developing the skills of the mothers of the children with special needs through training.

ذوي الإحتياجات الخاصة

ACDA adopts the methodology of reducing unemployment through microcredit since 1994, as it offers loans to people with special needs and their families, then it extended to include all categories.


The main reason of establishing ACDA was caring for children with special needs and providing them with medical, social and economic rehabilitation when polio used to be common in Upper Egypt.


ACDA believes that Health & Environment are the two main pillars of development. So, it implements various activities in both areas.


Assiut Childhood and Development Association is seeking for positive change among community members. we really proud of the success stories of those individuals who took the opportunity and sought the best.

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نائب رئيس مجلس الإدارة


Partnership in development is considered one of the most important factors for the success and advancement of communities. Over the years of work Assiut Childhood and Development Association, was honored to implement many projects in partnership with many reputable organizations and bodies, which influenced effectively on the success of the development process.