Women play a Key and fundamental role in our community, so it is a necessity to improve and enhance their living and economic situation in order to increase effectiveness of their role, especially in the countryside. So, in order to empowering women to play her role in development and building her community, ACDA had to facilitate their access to economic resources and enhance their skills and capabilities.

Economic empower for women

The project of empowering women economically was an opportunity to deepen the role of women and activate their activities in her community. The main aim of the project is empowering women and improving their economic level by train them on how to start her small project, then give them soft loans to establish her project that will generates income and improve her living conditions.

As the project works on providing a space for girls and women to enhance their skills for improving their economic situation in Assiut, Sohag, Qena and Cairo, using information technology.
The project achieved its goals through:

1- Establishing 10 centers for empowering women

2- Carrying out training for girls and women

3- Establishing small projects

Establishing 10 centers for empowering women

It was important to raise the community awareness of the importance of empowering women economically, so 10 centers were established to empower women economically by training.

The 10 centers were equipped by computers and tablets and entrepreneurship materials.
The training is carried out by a group of professional trainers who received a TOT for sharpen their skills regarding how to start your project, generating ideas for projects, how to start your project, how to make a business plan, and feasibility studies by the Social Fund for Development.

The content of the training is approved by the International Labor Organization. Moreover, a specialized team in technology Information added a training content for MS office programs (word-excel-PowerPoint).

The centers for women empowerment accomplished its role through coordination and cooperation with 8 CDAs in 4 governorates to provide premises for the centers through cooperation protocols stats the duties and tasks of each party.

In addition, several introductory meetings were held in Assiut, Sohag and Qena, for marketing to women’s empowerment centers in the targeted areas, in order to increase the attendance rates of women and girls to the centers and inform them about the services provided by the centers. These meetings had a great impact on the women who implemented a small project, as they take the opportunity to present the difficulties they faced during the implementation of their projects, such as raising the necessary capital to start a project and marketing. The introductory meetings were also an opportunity to exchange experiences and present several successful positive models who established their projects with minimal financial capabilities without fear failure.

Implementing training for women

Over two years and 6 months, more than 2750 women and girls were received training through the centers.

Establishing small projects

With the end of each training course for women, they are linked to CDAS that provide microcredit, to provide them soft loans. Most of the women preferred to start their small projects with their own financial resources without resorting to borrowing. Others had loans to expand their projects. After training, 800 women who had implemented small projects after receiving training have established their projects, such as ready-to-wear clothes, household appliances, sewing and poultry farming, groceries and Handcraft, accessories, making detergents, and confectionery.

Success Stories

Three of the distinguished women won in the “Amazing woman” global competition, which is the announced by Orange Telecom Egypt at the level of its offices spread in 27 countries worldwide. The competition targeted women who have the ambition to expand their projects. The prize was an amount of 30.000 EGP, each woman received 10,000 EGP for developing her project which was reflected in raising their economic and living standards.

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