The kindergarten stage plays an active role in the child’s life as he learns to adjust words, increases his linguistic and begins to form an initial perception about the surrounding social and natural environment.

ACDA, in cooperation with the Canadian Support Group and the Social Fund for Development, worked on improving education in the early childhood. The aim of the project was that “boys and girls in aged 4:6 years enjoy their right to high-quality education without discrimination in Assiut Governorate”. It project sought to achieve the following results:

  • The partner CDAs have the capabilities to deal with the needs of the target groups in the stage of kindergarten, with the community.
  • The local community has positive attitudes towards enrolling children aged 4-6 years in kindergarten halls
  • The services provided to children (boys and girls) in kindergartens meet the quality standards.

Target group

  • Children aged 4-6 years old; boys, girls and marginalized children; girls, people with special needs and poor people.
  •  Parents
  • Local community and positive models within communities.
  • 40 local CDAs in 7 centers in Assiut Governorate.


  • A study was conducted to analyze the obstacles related to the kindergarten stage.
  • 186 kindergartens have been opened
  • The CDAs received institutional evaluation and technical support (training – technical assistance – procedures).
  • Awareness programs have been carried out.
  • Community committees have been formed.
  • Sustainability was ensured through identifying and mobilizing community resources.


Assiut Childhood and Development Association – Canadian Support Team – Ministry of Social Solidarity – Ministry of Education – 40 local partner CDAs in the villages of Assiut Governorate – Community Committees