Haya Karema

Decent life Initiative “Haya Karema”

Decent life initiative aims to

  1. Raise the economic, social and environmental level of Egyptians, especially families in poor villages, and enable them to obtain all the basic services as well as maximize their capabilities to be able to engage in productive work that contributes to achieving a decent life for them.
  2. Organizing efforts of the civil society and enhancing cooperation among all the institutions in Egypt.
  3. Focusing on building the capacities of individuals and investing in their skills.
  4. Encouraging the participation of local communities in building the capacities of individuals and promoting the value of Homeland.

The initiative is targeting the poorest villages, where the poverty rate is 70% at the level of Arab Republic of Egypt. 132 poor villages are located in Assiut, the intervention will be implemented in 60 of them as a first stage. ACDA’s role is to implement the required interventions in 3 villages and carries out a field survey in 55 village.


1- Decent house

(drinking water delivery – construct a drainage system- Building roofs for raising the house efficiency.

2- Maintenance for social units and conducting field  (Maintenance for social units – conducting a field survey for families and disability and entering records to the database.

3- Health services

Medical campaigns – veterinary campaigns – surgeries – eye operations – prosthetic devices- offering eyeglasses

4- Educational services

Development and maintenance of nurseries

Decent House
Maintenance for social units & field survey
Health services
Educational services