"Path to the Future" success story

Since she was 10 years old, Sahar was dreaming of being a teacher. But how can she achieve her dream, she is a girl from al-Maabdah village in Abnoub and surrounded by traditions and customs that prevent girls from going to school, and she missed her opportunity to enroll in the school as well. Also, her family, which is consists of 6 members, is poor and her father unable to work and afford them. So, she had to help her mother at home then she used to go to the field to work and make her living.
But her situation has changed when she found a community school, established by ACDA, near her house. Then, she realized that it is Path to the Future and decided to go for her dream and forget the traditions and customs that discriminate between females and males in an inherent right to educate. She enrolled in the community school in Ezbet Kabsion, al-Maabdah village. She was studying her lessons in the break time because she spent her time at home working. Despite all the conditions, she passed the exams and got the primary school certificate.

Despite the harsh economic conditions that Saher was going through, the sparkle of hope appeared, and Assiut Childhood and Development Association got a ministerial decision to exempt the students of the community school students from the fees in the preparatory and secondary schools. Thus, she joined the preparatory school and got 85%. Now, her dream becomes closer, but she should work harder. It was a challenge to pass the secondary without having private lessons besides working in the agricultural to support her family. She struggled with her dream and passed the secondary school, got 89%, and joined the Faculty of Arts, English Language.  Now, Saher is working as a teacher in the community school where she learned and is currently studying to have an educational diploma.  she determined to give children in the poor rural community the opportunity to better education remind them that it is not impossible to reach your dream with the determination.

S.H is a housewife. Her husband is a daily worker. She decided to help her husband in the family’s income, so she got a loan of 1000 EGP and chose a profession that she knows, which is baking.
She achieved success, repaid the loan, renewed it, and expanded the project. Her project’s income helped her in enrolling her children in school and equip her older daughter to marry her.

Name: Zainab Abd Algawad

Project: glossary

Location: Salam

Loan amount: 500 – 1000- 1000- 1500

Zainab was a housewife, but her husband died and left her with 4 kids without a source of living. Zainab moved to live at her father’s home and thought about a small project that generates income for her so she can afford her children’s needs. She started with selling vegetables, then she thought to expand her small project to sell grocery too. Nonetheless, she faced a problem with the cash, so she asked to have a loan to buy various items with small quantities of goods. Profit was little in the beginning but after a short period, her clients increased, and her profit as well. Now, Zainab can afford all their needs her family and she could enroll her children in schools as well as she has a grocery shop in front of her house. 

Ahmed Abdel-Baset Ahmed Abdel-Bari is a young man, aged 32 years, from Bani Zaid village, Assiut Governorate. He is a member of a family that consists of 13-child.  He is fatherless and suffers from severe polio in both legs. Ahmed was sponsored by Assiut Childhood and Development Association since he was a one year- child. He frequented to ACDA for medical care and renewing his prosthetic devices (poliomyelitis and crutches), as well as ACDA’s team in the disability sector, was following up on his medical, social, and educational situation at home and provide the appropriate school support to him. Furthermore, Ahmed’s mam was one of the representatives of ACDA, as she was carrying out the awareness meeting at her house for the mothers who have children with special needs. 

Ahmed got a Bachelor of Arts and works as an Arabic teacher. Then he joined the Faculty of Arts, Media Department, to satisfy his passion for poetry. Ahmed honored by several organizations because of his talent in poetry. As he ranked second in one of the poetry competitions at the level of the Arab Republic of Egypt. He is married and has two children. We are at ACDA proud of Ahmed and his ambition and success.

Ghada Muhammad Suleiman is a young lady aged 31 years, from Al-Aouna village, Assiut governorate. Ghada suffers from polio in one of the legs. Her family consists of five members. She was sponsored by Assiut Childhood and Development Association since she was two years and 6 months. She was frequented to ACDA for medical care where she performed 6 surgeries, received physical therapy, and she is always renewing her Poliomyelitis device and crutch. Also, ACDA’s team in the disability sector was following her medical, social, and educational situation at home and providing the appropriate school support.

Ghada got a Bachelor of Arts, Sociology Department, she also obtained a diploma in Special Education, then a Preliminary MA. She works as a researcher at the Information Center of the Health Administration. Ghada is a pioneer in the voluntary work as she established “The Smile Association for Disability”. She is distinguished in many sports; as she plays table tennis, won the first place in discus throwing, ranked the third at the level of Arab Republic of Egypt in the javelin as well as she represented Assiut Governorate in the cultural exchange program among Egyptian and American youth.

we are proud of Ghada and consider her a great model.