Health and Nutrition Initiative

Health and Nutrition Initiative aims to develop and reinforce health behavioral trends and practices among individuals in the Sheikh Saleh community, in Arab Kalbat Gharb village, Assiut Governorate.

The target community has lack of awareness regarding Health and Nutrition issues.

  • There is a shortage of the health and nutrition needs in the target community.
  • The target community aren’t involved in the nutrition issues and enhancing health programs.
  • The target community suffers from food insecurity.
  • The unhealthy habits, smoking and drugs use are widespread in the target community.
  • Malnutrition and lack of physical activity are common in the target community.
  • The activities of the Health and Nutrition target:

    Men-workers who work for Royal company’s farms – children in Arab alkalabat’s community school and their parents – women of the village

    The objectives of the initiative are:

    • Children have knowledge and skills that enable them to convey healthy behaviors to their families.
    • Women and mothers are aware of the importance of visiting health units to vaccinate their children, treat them and to follow up reproductive health.
    • Men and fathers can take care of their children and lead their families to proper nutrition and good health.
    • Women in Sheikh Saleh Village are trained on handicrafts and establishing small projects.

    The above-mentioned objectives are achieved through the following activities:

    • Health awareness sessions for women, men and parents.
    • Conduct extra-curriculum initiatives for student within community schools.
    • Carry out global celebrations and public events
      Implement economic empowerment sessions for women.