Dawiy Initiative

Dawiy is a national initiative aims to create a community of people and institutions that support girls to achieve their full potential, and to change community perceptions of girls.

It is worth noting that “Dawiy” is an Arabic word that means ” sound loudly and clearly” in English.

Dawiy started under the leadership of the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood, then an alliance has been formed to include the National Council for Women, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Health and Population, the Ministry of Social Solidarity, Ministry of Culture in addition to the United Nations Population Fund and non-profit organizations such as Plan International Egypt, Save the Children Egypt, and Assiut Childhood and Development Association, with technical support from UNICEF Egypt.

Dawiy initiative aims to empowering girls through

Helping them Expressing themselves
When girls can access to services, information and skills they will have stories to share and they will have the proper skills and means to share them.

Target groups

Girls and boys aged from 10 to 18, and focusing on involving the families and communities in order to ensure achieving the full empowerment of girls, whereas involving the community members ensures the support of the surrounding environment.

Dawiy circles for telling

It is a meeting for a group of girls and boys, from 5 to 10 members, meet regularly in a series of ten episodes or sessions to share their experiences and tales, and then they end these circles with a community tale.  The aim of theses circles is providing a safe space for girls and boys to gather together and share experiences that changed their lives through tales.

Dawiy Local events

Dawiy is linked to any public event, when Dawiy team is invited to participate in any open public event, it takes advantage of the gathering of the local community members of all ages and backgrounds, especially children and their families, and offer spaces for participants in Dawiy circles to present their experiences and inspiring stories that changed their lives for circulating the experience to create a community dialogue among generations.

Number of Dawiy circles

Circle in Assiut

389 Male

547 Female

Circle in Quena

182 Male 

197 Female

circle in Aswan

254 Male  

552 Female

Number of Dawiy Local events

Participant in Assiut

In 2 Days

Participant in Aswan

in 4 Days